Pamyla St James

Safety first and tender loving care is the vision that owner, Pamyla St James, implemented during the creation of Privé the retreat.

Very loving, caring and nurturing.... extremely knowledgable in plastic surgery recovery are words that her guests and staff use best to describe Pamyla.

"Privé's focus is on health and beauty... providing a quality service for plastic surgery patients to heal in a private, serene, beautiful environment is what I envisioned for my guests. Everyone has their own personal reasons for having plastic surgery, my goal is to treat everyone special and to respect their privacy while going through the healing time," says Pamyla.

Working with some of the most accomplished and highly qualified plastic surgeons in the world has been a great attribution to Privé the retreats 18 year success story. It has earned Pamyla a high level of respect and integrity in Beverly Hills and the OC for her numerous efforts.

"It all comes down to the basics of treating others the way you would like to be treated! You either have it in your heart to be that person or you don't! I have got it going on it that department," says Pamyla.

She spends her free time learning as much as she can about new techniques and plastic surgery procedures. Although most of her fame has been in the celebrity arena she believes in treating everyone like a star. We love them all!

Her company continues to be the very best and unique in every sense of the word. Privé takes care giving to a different level... and that would be off the richter scale.

Pamyla resides in Newport Beach along with her rescue dog, Sheba. She's currently writing a book, "After the Knife" which will entail her most intriguing patients. 

Private duty nursing for Prive’s patients in their homes or hotels , traveling the world and donating to several dog rescue groups are passions she has dedicated her life to for over two decades. Making memories with her beautiful daughter, Vanessa, a marketing executive at Netflix and spending as much time as she can with her adorable grandson, Lennon take top priority in her constant goal to keep her family first always.  

Through kindness to others we receive the biggest gift of all. 


Gracie Flores

In keeping with the Prive’ vision of treating every guest like a celebrity, blending a flawless recovery with TLC, Pamyla St James only hoped she’d find someone who shared her passion for a business that never felt like a job.

After owning Prive’ the retreat for 20 years, Pamyla decided to “gift”the business on January 1, 2021 to the person who had been by her side for 18 years, Gracie Flores.

Gracie has provided quality care to plastic and orthopedic guests, learned everything she could about every surgical procedure, assisted all of the doctors with post operative appointments, learned every aspect of the business and is trustworthy, professional, kind and loving.

Mentoring Gracie was easy. Fast learner with a passion for making people feel absolutely comfortable and safe is how Pamyla best describes her. “She is the perfect fit for my business, I can promise you that. She shares my drive and hard work ethic which made Prive’ the leader in aftercare in Beverly Hills and Orange County”.

When Pamyla asked Gracie if she would change anything at Prive’, she said,” Nothing will change, its so perfect as it is! Everything works very smoothly and I love it as is”.

“I am positive that Gracie will continue to be successful at a business that I know she loves as much as I have and am so happy to be able to do this for her, she deserves it.”

Gracie came from Mexico City to the United States two decades ago to live the dream. She has worked hard, got her citizenship and is proud to live in a land full of opportunity and hope.

Sharing life with a wonderful husband, Jose and her two German Shepherds, Sasha and Sol, two wonderful children, Laura and Austin are her world. Gracie is also a grandmother to two beautiful granddaughters who reside in Mexico City.

When she’s not working at Prive’ she enjoys cycling, running, working out, cooking, traveling to countries with beautiful beaches and spending time with her family.

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