Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why should I stay at an aftercare like Privé?

Privé has a staff that knows your surgeons protocol for the surgical procedure that you have elected to do. We find that when we take the stress and drama of everyday life out of the equation and let the healing begin in a peaceful, serene environment our guests heal faster!

Most often the support system that our guests may think they have prior to surgery changes . It is a huge responsibility to ask of a friend or neighbor or loved one to assume the job of providing care around the clock. Besides not being qualified and knowing what to look for as a complication, it is alot of work!

2. What happens after surgery?

Privé will pick you up after you have been in recovery for an hour. We have a qualified attendant escort you to our private residence where you are transported by wheelchair for your safety.

Once in your beautiful room, our staff gets busy taking your vitals, preparing your medication plan, applying ice compresses, if needed, ensuring proper elevation and following your surgeon's protocol exactly as he/she has instructed.

Keeping you comfortable, out of pain and safe is our commitment to you. It is completely normal to not even remember much of the ride after surgery, let alone our names!

3. How long should I stay at Privé?

The length of stay is normally determined by the procedure and if you are having multiple procedures. We access everyone on an individual basis. Most of our guests stay 2-3 nights for a Mommy Makeover ( breast and tummy tuck), facelift and eyes 2-3 nights and bodylift 3-5 nights.

4. What should I bring for my recovery stay?

Please travel light! A gown that buttons or zips down the front (can only be found at Walmart, JC Penney or Sears), flat shoes are a must, all medications, cell phone and charger, chap stick and a stool softener, such as Colace. 
For facial surgery, we recommend a childrens soft bristle toothbrush.

5. May I have visitors at Privé? 

Of course, always based on your status. We realize loved ones are important.

6. Is there anything I should do before and after having plastic surgery?

Yes! Please take the time to read your surgeons post operative instructions that the Patient Coordinator has provided you.

Medications can cause horrible constipation, a good stool softener over the counter such as Colace can be helpful to take with breakfast.

Elevation and proper positioning is key!

Diet is essential... lots of protein and liquids such as protein smoothies, Gatorade and white cranberry juice are a few to have on hand. Low sodium, no hot or spicy foods, no salt, no MSG, no hot baths or showers and no sun for 6-8 weeks helps with swelling.

Lots of rest, no stress and drama kept to a minimum leads to a healthy recovery. Be the Queen or King (we have lots of male clients now) that you are!

7. How long does it take to get back to feeling normal...physically and mentally following surgery?

Surgery causes stress and trauma on a healthy body. Following your surgeon's instructions and having the proper care is crucial. It is normal for you to have some depression following surgery. You cannot expect to have immediate results and feel wonderful the first week! It is literally impossible!

We all have this perfect image of being back to work and having fun showing off our new face/bodies in a week! Do not beat yourself up just because your friend was back in action sooner than you are.

Remember that we are not perfect... the right and left side is always somewhat different going in for surgery...it is only natural that it will heal differently as well. This is normal with everyone.

Always ask your surgeon when it is safe for you to go back to your routine. He is the only one who truly knows, he is the one who operated on you.

8. I have a history of nausea and also anxiety?

Please let your doctor know! The more information he has, the easier it is for him to plan your surgery. There are so many new drugs available to make your journey safer and easier than it was perhaps 25 years ago. Anesthesia has come a long way and there are very few cases of nausea these days.

Anxiety is a horrible thing for anyone but for a plastic surgery patient there is help. Be honest again with your doctor and he can perscribe something to keep you relaxed and calm.

At Privé, it is our vision to be able to help you heal in a safe and healthy environment. We really like to try and wean you off of pain meds and anxiety meds after a few days just to get you back to normal again. Normally, we have found that Tylenol ES works great post operatively after four days. Of course, depending on the procedure!

And last but not least....

9. What is the real difference between Privé the retreat and the others?

First and foremost, Privé has been in business longer as a company than any other after care in LA and the OC. We must be doing something right!

In 2002, we opened our doors at the W Hotel in Westwood, and marketed a simple concept that just made sense to our plastic surgeons. Combining a highly, knowledgeable staff along with a beautiful, serene environment seemed to be the winning combination!

We realized early on that our business is not only clinical but is extremely service oriented. All of our guests had basically the same fears, needs and wants following plastic surgery.

Having a warm and loving staff that was extremely knowledgeable in the plastic surgery arena was #1. Making sure that we knew exactly what we are doing and if there was to be any complication that we knew what to look for.

100% of our guest were also very visual so having a beautiful, quiet place to recover was key. Privé the retreat is a perfect fusion of health and beauty.

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